Julie Younkin

Training Solutions

“There are three components the training must possess to give clients a greater success rate of experiencing bottom line results. The three must-haves are: interactive, experiential, and introspective.”

Julie Younkin



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The benefits of Julie's consulting are numerous. Applying over 20 years experience directly to evaluating, diagnosing, and creating a plan of action that will ultimately maximize your bottom line.



Many people attend soft-skill development and training workshops with the notion they will learn how to fix others when in reality – most often we need to look inward for real change to occur.

All of Julie’s learning events come with a component of self-assessment and self-awareness as an outcome. These introspective elements of the training are built to tap into your own core strengths to overcome challenges.

Many times our strengths are forgotten and/or buried in the rubble of the chaos of every day work life.
During the learning event, participants will find themselves refocusing on their strengths and reestablishing potential which already exists in order to accelerate their performance.



People are more motivated to learn if they believe the training will enable them to perform at higher levels and handle problems that they confront in their everyday work. For example, collaborative problem solving techniques or conflict resolution approaches, learned in a team building session, should be able to be applied back at the office.

Julie has created several experiential learning modules including role playing, questioning, quizzing, and small group exercises that will enable participants to experience (not just hear) the learning and ideas being presented.