Julie Younkin



TTI Success Insights

I chose TTI Success Insights as my ‘go-to’ assessment partner. Why? Because TTI has industry leading research and validation when it comes to assessing employees’ behaviors and motivators. With over 30 years experience of combining social and brain science, TTI partners with most Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Tapping into the power of TTI assessments

⦁ Selecting the right talent
⦁ Retaining the right talent
⦁ Building cohesive teams


Many people go their entire careers without really tapping into their own self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. They may be in touch at a surface level of what drives them, but TTI’s assessments get to the heart of what is really motivating us and the ‘how’ behind why we communicate the way we do. This awareness can connect leaders to all sorts of enhanced communication, increased productivity, and less time wasted.

Contact me if you would like a complimentary assessment to start understanding your “why”?