2 Reasons You Don’t Reach Your Goals

  1. YOUR GOAL IS NOT SMART – Not to imply your goals are dumb, but if you have been in the business world for any time at all, you have probably heard of SMART goals. I love a concept that stands the test of time; the SMART goal format has been around for a while and works when it is applied correctly to any business or personal goal.There are a couple variations out there, but I find this one to be the most effective. It combines each letter of the SMART acronym with a question so it really takes the guesswork out of goal setting.

    SpecificWhat am I going to do and how?

    Measurable – How will I know it’s done?

    Actionable – Can I start now or very soon?

    Realistic – Is it possible – within reach?

    Time-bound – By when?

    “Increasing sales by 10%” is not a SMART goal – because it lacks the specific, measurable, actionable and time-bound pieces that make a goal SMART.

  2. YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN – What gets written down – gets done! The second most common reason you don’t reach a goal is because it is not front-and-center. Writing down your goal should not be confused with saving your goal as an electronic doc to a folder in the abyss of your tablet or pc.  Instead, pick up one of those old-fashioned writing utensils like a pen, or use a sharpie for even more emphasis. Then stick that SMART goal somewhere conspicuous you see every day.

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