Developing leaders to grow stronger teams.


Practical leadership training and coaching
for individuals, groups and organizations.

One-on-one coaching can be the catalyst to unlocking leadership potential that exists, but has never been exposed. Coaching is a collaborative process providing clients with feedback, insights, and guidance with the entire foundation built on taking action for lasting change.

Companies hire leadership consultants for a myriad of reasons, most commonly because they have reached a plateau and need to find ways to reach the next level of success or they are experiencing decline in profits, morale, customer or employee satisfaction.


Meet Julie Younkin



Julie is continuously surprised (but not shocked) at the level organizations underestimate the importance of leadership training. And, believes passionately the best way to grow the best leaders in the business is to create a leadership development culture.

Julie Younkin has over two decades of leadership experience in customer service and sales spanning from leading teams to creating leadership training strategies to one-on-one coaching.

Julie has led teams and facilitated leadership training initiatives for organizations like Sprint, Met Life, Wells Blue Bunny, FEMA and Nationwide. She is passionate about servant leadership principles and you will find it at the core of her work.

She earned her coaching certification through Coach Training Alliance and received DISC certification (CPBA) through TTI Success Insights.

Julie has led several customer service outsourced contracts for Fortune 500 clients like Sprint, NCR, and Oracle.  She has delivered long-term leadership development and coaching initiatives to Met Life and Nationwide sales and service teams.  She has championed several leadership development strategies that have shaped cultures of highly engaged employees.   The ‘servant leader’ and ‘leading vs. managing’ are at the core of her work as a leadership coach and trainer.


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